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Living in Down Under

Posted: 22 February 2008 in Learning
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Most people do not know what Down Under is. Down Under also known as Australia, it is called Down Under because of it’s geographical position which is located at the bottom of the globe. There are many differences in every aspect of life. The most significant differences are that the city is very clean and organized neatly. People do not like throwing the rubbish everywhere they like. Every housing block has garbage bin that is placed in front of their houses/apartment. These garbage bins are then emptied by waste management worker (AKA “Pasukan Kuning” in Indonesia) before the city gets busy. The pollution in the city is very low too.

There life begins at 9 o’clock in the morning. Shops, offices, and schools begin their activities at that time. Workers usually finish at 5 o’clock in the evening (usually around 4-5 am). Every worker usually wears long tie when they go to work. This includes teacher and school boys too. Shops closed at 5 pm whereas groceries stores closed at 12 am. There is one day in one week that shops close at 9 pm, this is called Long Day Shopping.


There are three types of workers. They are Full time worker, Casual worker, and Part time worker. This division is based on how long the time is spent for work in a week. Full time worker has more time than casual or part time worker. Part time worker has the least time spent for work. There are two types of job; they are physical (such as room boy, garbage man, and postman) and non physical job (such as bank officer, programmer, accountant, and teacher). The salary depends on the level of age and level of skill. The more skillful or older you are the more you get paid. Here are some examples: (more…)